When choosing investments in passive income, the most frequent and exciting question is how reliable is it? Therefore, many investors are considering investing in US real estate. The country is politically and economically stable, and the absence of internal and external conflicts make it more and more attractive for investors from Russia and Ukraine. 

Capital security

Everyone, without exception, investors want to control the project in which they invest their money. Receive reports and keep abreast of developments – the inalienable desire of everyone who invests their money. But not everyone can be and manage a business in the United States, so you need to consider real estate investment as a matter of priority. Nobody will take the real estate in the USA, you will not be able to lose it in any way, as compliance with the laws and their control in this country is very strict.

Due to this, real estate investments in the USA are so popular and even incomparable with some type of business, for example, opening a boutique or a clothing store. Suppose that tomorrow one of the workers makes a mistake or does not go to work at all, so he will need a replacement and constant monitoring of this business.

If you choose another alternative, such as investing in stocks or funds, then this type of investment is aggressive, and requires certain knowledge and awareness of all risks. As when buying a stock with a knee of 10 (this is a ten-fold loan from a broker from your investment funds), a complete bankruptcy can occur, in cases of a share price drop of only 10%. Still, not the entire stock market is stable, for example, with a single tweet, sister Kardashian, pulled down the value of the Snapchat company by more than $ 1,000,000,000, losing 7% of its value.

 Real estate has great advantages compared to investing in stocks or starting a business, if you are not in the United States. Any property can be sold at any time, mortgage, take a loan, or exchange. The average growth of real estate in the United States is up to 2% per year, which fully protects your funds from inflation. In some states, this percentage may be higher.

 According to the average data of several analytical offices, the return on investment can be up to 9% per year for Miami. This growth rate is for the promising area of ​​Aventura, for other popular areas of the city up to 6% per year (Coral Gables and Key Biscayne).

Pleasant investment. Investments near the ocean.

In the US, real estate income can be obtained in many ways, but still, risks must be taken into account. The risks associated not with the loss of funds or real estate, and the benefits of return on investment. Not every property in the US can guarantee high returns or annual growth. Before buying a property, it is necessary to analyze the market.

Now the most profitable segment of the real estate market in the United States is the construction of houses in the cities of Florida, which are located near the ocean.

The main feature for investors in Florida is the lack of taxes for individuals. It sounds fabulous, but such a law. If you choose the right property for investment, the annual income can be up to ten percent. Also, a big plus of such investments is the lack of constant control or personal participation of the investor. The investor does not even need to be in the United States or have an open visa. In special cases, you can invest only thirty percent of the value of the property, of course the amount and interest depends on the conditions of the bank. In case of a successful loan, the bank will provide the investor with a loan of up to 30 years, up to five percent per annum (depends on the bank). And no matter what your citizenship, in the US there are no prohibitions for investors, not only in Florida, but in any state.

Are investment conditions different in different states?

The state of Florida turned out to be the most liquid. The city of New York is less profitable due to the large inflow of investments, the overvaluedness and, consequently, the long recoupment of real estate. For comparison, a small house in New York will cost up to $ 1,000,000; a similar house in Florida will cost $ 250,000.

What is the minimum amount needed for investing in US real estate?

$ 50,000 is the minimum amount if you want to buy a home in the USA. But there are other solutions, such as crowdfunding – this is a shared distribution of investments. For example, you can throw off with three friends at home, and open a legal entity in the United States. In this case, the amount of investment will be at 12,500 dollars, and accordingly the shareholding of 25%.

What are the subtleties of taxation when investing in US real estate?

The tax rate on real estate in the United States is 20% of the profits. But, there are loopholes here. For example, if you sell a house for the next year, the tax will be less, and if the amount of income is less than $ 44,000, then there will be no tax at all.

Perhaps, to get a residence permit, if you invest a fairly large amount?

Unfortunately, in the USA these are different parallels. But again there are small loopholes. If an investor buys commercial real estate, which brings income to the treasury of the United States, by paying taxes. That investor can apply for a residence permit in the United States, proving to the immigration service the need to be present in the country to manage the business.

Are investments safe from fraud?

Cases of any fraud in the United States almost never occur, and in cases of real estate almost never occur. These are more beautiful stories from Hollywood movies. The United States has very strict investment laws; the government has created an ideal climate for investors and controls their security. And the cases of fraud are tightly crossed. Therefore, there is no reason for excitement.

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